Sandy teaches workshops along side her performances of LOST IN LVOV. Workshops can be any length of time and geared towards any level. A minimum of 90 minutes must be booked for an introduction class. The format of the class can be booked as a weekend intensive all the way through a semester long series. More physically based classes require a minimum of one week bookings.

Teaching residencies include:

California Institute of The Arts, Schkapf in Hollywood, Teen Arts Festival at The Bergen Community College, SOULO Festival Toronto, and United Solo European Festival in Warsaw, Poland.

Class description:

Travel Stories: This introduction to solo storytelling provides students with tools which aid a creation process for developing solo performance material inspired by your own writing by fusing elements of Eastern European ensemble physical theater, improvisation, world music, poetry, dance and personal narrative.

Other classes include:

Physical Theater, Dance Theater, Voice/Movement for Actors, Memoir/Creative writing, Body conditioning for the Actor, Scene study, Acting Technique, and a special memoir-movement class geared towards senior citizens living in assisted living facilities.